Brakes are a critical safety factor in all vehicles. If they are not inspected regularly you are not only putting you and your family's lives at risk but also others driving around you.

Braking systems need to be checked at every service and by a specialist with the appropriate experience. If your vehicle shows any of the warning signs below, contact Uphill Automotive Today.

You are in need of a break service, if when the breaks are applied:

• The brake pedal is low, hard, soft or spongy.
• Your vehicle loses grip.
• Your vehicle veers to the left or right.
• The steering wheel shudders.
• They give off a high pitched noise such as a squeak or squeal.

When you bring your vehicle into Uphill Automotive for a brake service, our specialist will perform the following tasks.

1. Check disk brake pad and or drum shoe pad wear levels.
2. If brake and shoe pads are warn past a safe level they will be replaced.
3. Inspection of brake fluid levels and braking system components.
4. If brake fluid levels are low and or system components are not in working order they will be replaced.
5. To make sure the newly fitted components are working properly the vehicle will be tested on the road.


Brake Servicing Warning Signs

It is a clear sign that your brakes need servicing if your car takes longer to stop than normal when the brake pedal is pushed. But there are less noticeable warning signs that you must look out for to ensure your safety when travelling on the road.

If you have any worries about your brakes or notice any changes in the way your brakes perform please do not hesitate to call us or use our handy contact form and our friendly staff will call you to discuss what Uphill Automotive can do to help.

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